Pope Gregory XIII

Truth Standing

Gilt Bronze, 37.1 mm Ø, 28.9 g
Work of Lorenzo Fragni, 1579.
Obverse:  Bust of Gregory XIII facing left, bareheaded, wearing decorative cope. Around, · GREGORIVS · XIII · PONTIFEX · MAX · A · 1579 · (Gregory XIII, Supreme Pontiff, in the year 1579). Beneath the truncation, · LAV · P · .
Reverse:  Religion, standing among books, olive branches, keys, and papal tiara. On the tablet held in her right hand, · S · ROM · EC · (Holy Roman Church). Around, · VERVS DEI · CVLTVS (True Worship of God).

Gregory XIII sought to reform and restore the Catholic faith. He required irreproachable conduct and education of the clergy, established colleges for the training of priests, and sent missionaries to spread the Catholic faith to remote parts of the globe. This medal was reissued in subsequent years with the date modified on the obverse. Issues dated 1580, 1582, and 1583 are known.


Modesti 2004, no. 755