French Medals

Louis XII, King of France Anne of Brittany
Gilt bronze, cast, 114.6 mm Ø, 487.1 g Nicolas Leclerc and Jean de Saint-Priest dated 1499
Henri II Two Generals Between Armies
Bronze, cast, 53.8 mm Ø, 54.6 g Étienne Delaune (attributed) c. 1556
Charles IX Charles IX with Faith and Justice
Silver, struck, 40.5 mm Ø, 32.2 g Antoine Brucher (attributed) dated 1564
Marie de' Medici
Bronze, cast, 106.0 mm Ø, 101.8 g Guillaume Dupré 1624
Louis XIII Façade of the Louvre
Bronze, struck, 33.2 mm Ø, 20.6 g Pierre Regnier (attributed) 1624
Pope Alexander VIII
Wax on slate, 74.5 mm Ø, 48.2 g Ferdinand de Saint-Urbain c. 1700-1706
Clement XI
Bronze, cast, 132.4 mm Ø, 306.2 g Charles-Claude Dubut 1707