Pope Urban VIII

Gathering of Cardinals

Bronze, 39.5 mm Ø, 17.9 g
By Gaspare Mola, 1629.
Obverse:  Bust of Urban VIII facing right, wearing papal tiara and cope decorated with the figure of a bishop; his right hand is raised in blessing. Around, VRBAN · VIII · PON · M · AN · VI · . On truncation, GAS · MOL · . Under truncation: MDC · XXIX ·
Reverse:  Pope enthrone at left, hand raised, about to read from book held open before him. Cardinals seated on either side of the pope, and part of the baldachin of St. Peter's to the right. Above, in the center, the dove of the Holy Spirit. Around, BEATO ANDREA INTER SANCTOS RELATO . In exergue, ROMAE .

This medal commemorates the canonization of Saint Andrew Corsini.


Exhibited in Roma Resurgens; illustrated in Whitman and Varriano 1983, p. 69 no. 51 (Michael Hall collection).


A. H. Baldwin & Sons 66, 29 June 2010, lot 1097 (Michael Hall collection).


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