Pope Clement IX

Pelican In Her Piety

Bronze, 34.5 mm Ø, 15.9 g
By Alberto Hamerani, Regnal Year 1, 1667/1668.
Obverse:  Bust of Clement IX facing left, wearing camauro, mozzetta, and decorative stole. Around, CLEMENS · IX · PONT · MAX · ANNO · I · (Clement IX, Supreme Pontiff, In His First Year). On the truncation, · ALBERT · AMERANO · F · (Alberto Hamerani Made It).
Reverse:  A pelican, with wings outstretched, pierces her breast with her beak, from which blood flows to nourish its young. All standing within a nest on the ground. Above and around, · ALIIS · NON · SIBI · CLEMENS · (Mercy For Others, Not For Himself). Below, on a stone, AH (Alberto Hamerani).

The reverse inscription is the personal motto which Clement IX chose for his papacy. The reverse scene of a pelican in her piety, a classical allegory for Jesus Christ, reinforces the notion of the mercy that the new pope has for the people.


Miselli 2003, no. 682