Pope Innocent XI

Catholic Faith

Gilt Bronze, 35.2 mm Ø, 22.5 g
By Giovanni Hamerani, Regnal Year 4, 1680.
Obverse:  Bust of Innocent XI facing right, wearing camauro, mozzetta, and decorative stole. Around, INNOCEN · XI · PONT · M · A · IIII . Under the bust, · HAMERANVS · F · .
Reverse:  Allegorical representation of the Catholic Faith standing, facing left, holding a chalice with radiant host in her right hand and supporting a cross with her left. In the background, the Tiber River, with the Ponte Sant'Angelo on the right and St. Peter's Basilica in the background on the left. Above and around, IN · SÆCVLVM / STABIT (Forever It Shall Stand). On a stone to the left of the figure's feet, 1680 .

Annual medal issued on June 29, 1680, with the original issue consisting of 129 in gold and 265 in silver.

Louis XIV of France was constantly trying to separate the Church of France from the Church of Rome or to even bring the Holy See under his control. The reverse inscription of this medal reinforces the concept that the Roman Church both had its own temporal autonomy and was the spiritual authority for all catholicism, for all time. Innocent XI warned Louis XIV many times to halt his ambitions against the Church, including under threat of excommunication.


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