Antonio Da Mula

Da Mula and Trevisan Shaking Hands

Bronze, 40.8 mm Ø, 29.1 g
By Andrea Spinelli, 1538.
Obverse:  Bust of Antonio Da Mula, bareheaded, facing left, wearing a gown. Around, · ANT · MVLA · DVX · CRETÆ · X · VIR · III · CONS · IIII · (Antonio Mula, Duke of Crete, Member of the Council of Ten for the Third Time, Counselor for the Fourth Time).
Reverse:  Antonio Da Mula, on the left, shakes hands with another man. Both men are standing and wearing togas. At top, 1538 , and around, · CONCORDIA · cinquefoil · FRATRVM · (The Concord of Brothers). Beneath the figures, on two lines and within the outer inscription, · AND · SPIN · / · F · (Andrea Spinelli Made It).

Antonio Da Mula (c. 1460-after 1539) was a a Venetian patrician who served in various important offices in the Venetian administration, including as a member of the Council of Ten. In 1536, he was appointed duke of the Kingdom of Candia and became responsible for the governance of Crete. In June 1538, with Captain Marcantonio Trevisan, he organized the defense of Candia against the threat from the Turkish pirate Barbarossa. Despite inadequate resources, the two were able to produce a sufficient show of force to frighten off the attacker. It is accepted that the reverse of this medal commemorates this occasion, with Da Mula and Trevisan shaking hands in fraternal concord. Trevisan would later be elected doge of Venice in 1553.


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