Francesco II Morosini

Venice Seated with Lion

Bronze, 91.8 mm Ø, 297.4 g
Attributed to an anonymous Venetian artist, 1755.
Obverse:  Front facing bust of Morosini, wearing long curly wig and a richly decorated procurator's stole. Around, LAURENTIUS . MAUROCENUS . EQUES . AC . DIUI . MARCI . PROC 1755 (Lorenzo Morosini, Knight and Procurator of Saint Mark, 1755).
Reverse:  Figure of Venice, wearing Doge's cap, seated on a throne placed on a pedestal, facing right towards the Lion of St. Mark, over which she holds a scepter. Around, ET . MVLCTANS . ET . MVNERANS . SEMPER . IVSTA (He Is Always Just In Punishing And Rewarding).

Francesco II Morosini, called Lorenzo, was born on June 21, 1714 in Venice. It has been noted that nature was kinder to him in mind than in physical qualities, and he was destined for a political career. After five years of discussions, the Treaty of Mantua, negotiated by Morosini, was finalized in 1755 between the Republic of Venice and the Hapsburg Empire, settling the dispute over the Garda and Tyrol area. To reward Morosini, the Venetian Senate appointed him as Procuratore di San Marco de Supra on July 2, 1755, to which this medal refers. He held various offices through his political career, which continued for the next three decades. Morosini died in Treviso on December 1, 1793.


Artemide Aste XLIII, 6-7 June 2015, lot 739.


Voltolina 1998, no. 1533