Palemone di Santena

Bronze, 91.9 mm Ø, 194.9 g
Unidentified artist, dated 1694.
Obverse:  Bust of Palemone di Santena facing right, wearing hooded habit. Around, PALEMO DE SANTENA RELIG. DE TRAPPA. (Palemone of Santena, Religious of the Trappist Order). Beneath the bust, · 1694 · .

This piece is unlisted in the standard references and the circumstances surrounding its creation are unknown. Ludovico Felice Tana was a chamber gentleman to Duke Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy and would later retire to monastic life, becoming a Trappist monk and taking the name Fra Palemone. He died in 1694 with a reputation for holiness and a book about him, titled "Conversione, e Morte di Fra' Palemone, nel secolo, Lvdovico Felice Tana, Conte di Santena" was published in Turin in 1696.


Numismatica Varesi 67, 18 November 2015, lot 963.