Anton Maria Salviati

Weapons in Front of Walled City

Bronze, 88.2 mm Ø, 229.5 g
Obverse:  Bust of Anton Maria Salviati facing right with long curly hair, wearing armor with a cloak on the left shoulder. On the armor, three stripes and an emblem of an eagle holding a diamond ring in its claws. Around, ANT · M · SALVIATI / DVX · IVLIANI · ET · C (Anton Maria Salviati, Duke of Giuliano and Colleferro).
Reverse:  A group of weapons and armor on the ground, with a banner protruding with the Medici coat of arms. Behind, a walled city. Above, on the right, a radiant sun with a face. In the background, a mountain with a town on its slope and a fortress on the top. Above, SPECTAT · VT · PROSIT (He Looks to Serve). In exergue, MDCCXIII · (1713).

Anton Maria Salviati, son of Marquis Giovanni Salviati and Laura Crosi, was born in 1659 and baptized with the name of Antonio. His uncle, Anton Maria Salviati, Duke of Giuliano and Colleferro, died in 1703 with no male heirs. Salviati thusly received the name, title, and properties of his uncle. He was appointed by Grand Duke Cosimo III as Commander of the Guard of the Corps in 1704. Salviati died in 1723.

The three stripes on Salviati's armor on the obverse are taken from the Salviati coat of arms (three diagonal stripes). The eagle clutching a diamond ring is also an emblem of the Salviati family, originating as the impresa of their ancestor Piero de'Medici the Gouty.

The pile of arms and armor on the reverse with the flag of the Medici coat of arms (six balls) refers to Salviati's position as Commander of the Guard of the Corps. The walled city is a reference to Rome and the duke's seat there at the Palazzo Salviati alla Lungara. The mountain with the town and fortress symbolize the feudal lands of Giuliano.


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