About This Website

This website will be perpetually under construction, in that new medals will hopefully join the collection (and some may be dispersed) over time. Additionally, missing and updated descriptions will be added to the medal pages, and further references will be added to the list (both new additions and volumes currently in the library which are not yet catalogued).
This website was built with simplicity in mind, so that there are very few menu options and content does not go too many layers deep. For ease of browsing, the medals themselves are split into several "galleries" by country and time period. Selecting a medal from a gallery will bring up the details page, featuring a brief description of the medal and larger images. Clicking (or tapping) on the medal's image on this details page will switch between a normal-sized and an enlarged-size image. Navigational aids at the top and bottom of the page can help in accessing the various pages.
Some brief information about references and the collection itself can be found in the appropriate sections. I am not a web designer, but I hope that the site will be intuitive and easy to use. If you encounter any errors or problems in using the site, I do invite you to please contact me to inform me of the issue.