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Renaissance and Baroque Medals

Italian Renaissance Medals
Medals by Italian artists of the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, arranged by region.
Italian High Renaissance Medals
Medals by Italian artists of the mid- and late sixteenth century, arranged by region.
Italian Baroque Medals
Medals by Italian artists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, arranged by region and including the resurgence of the cast medal in Florence.
French Medals
Medals by French artists and of French style from the late fifteenth through early nineteenth centuries, arranged chronologically by artist.
German Medals
Medals by German artists from the sixteenth century.
Netherlandish Medals
Medals of the Low Countries, including from the Dutch Golden Age.
English Medals
Medals by English artists and of English interest from the seventeenth century.

Later Medals and Ancient Coins

American Medals
Medals struck in the United States or of American interest from the late eighteenth and nineteenth century.
Roman Imperial Coins
A selection of large bronze sestertius coins from the Roman Empire, which are medallic in nature and inspired the invention of the Renaissance medal.