Albert V, Duke of Bavaria

Allegorical Scene

Bronzed Tin, 124.0 mm Ø, 400.8 g
By Hans Ässlinger, 1558.
Obverse:  Half-length bust of Albert V facing right with divided beard, wearing decorative armor and chain with the Order of the Golden Fleece. Around, ALBERTVS · COM : PALAT : RHENI · VTRI : Q : BAVARIÆ DVX (Albert V, Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Bavaria).
Reverse:  On the left, a lion attacking a bull. On the right, another lion protecting a lamb. Above, an angel in the clouds with outstretched arms holds two wreaths. In the background, two cities connected by a bridge over a river. Around, PARCERE SVBIECTIS ET DEBELLARE SVPERBOS 1558 (To spare the subjugated and defeat the haughty, 1558).

Albert V (b. 1528) was Duke of Bavaria from 1550 until his death in 1579. He was a leading figure in the German Counter-Reformation. The reverse is taken from Virgil's Aeneid (VI.853), and in this context refers to the Roman Catholic Church protecting the populace from the Protestant movement. Of numismatic interest, Albert V founded the Staatliche Münzsammlung Munich.


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